Devora and Vazquez leads Durant to 1st and 2nd place finishes

By Randy Bruce

September 19, 2013

Silo Invitational Meet was held Tuesday, September 17th at Ft. Washita. Silo hosted their largest meet on record with over 500 runners from grades 5th through 12th. The top 15 runners in each race received a medal.

Durant 7th grader Kacy Devora squeezed past Haworth’s Kenzie Edmondson at the finish-line to claim 1st place and led her team to a 1st place finish in the 7th-8th grade girls division.

Durant coaches Amanda Reynolds and Bokies each says that “Kacy gets better every time she steps on the practice field or in competition. She is a great kid, with a great work ethic and has a promising career in front of her.”

Durant junior Alberto Vazquez wins the high school boys division by 20 seconds, leading his team to a 2nd place finish.

“Vazquez is an outstanding athlete with incredible speed and stamina, and is just amazing to watch him run,” said Reynolds.

The Lions next competition will be held at Madill, Saturday 21st at 8 a.m. Places and times are listed below. Due to unfortunate circumstances, not all times were accessible.

Middle School Girls: 102 Total Runners

Kacy Devora-1st; 6:37 medal

Ashleigh Ned-4th; 6:45 medal

Kylie Reed-7th; 6:54 medal

Patience Brown-11th; 6:59 medal

Madelyn Coffey-12th; 7:00 medal

Jacy Springer-14th; 7:02 medal

Cassie Bisson-15th; 7:03 medal

Katelyn Gregory-18th; 7:06

Jennifer Monroy-19th; 7:10

Regan Ramos-20th; 7:11

Catie McCraw-21st; 7:15

Anna Joines-25th; 7:26

Lauren Ruminer-27th; 7:34

Morgann Usry-35th; 7:41

Elizabeth Medino-54th; 8:27

Shaya Claxton-58th; 8:35

Precious Holley-63rd; 8:46

Tessa Claborn-69th; 9:10

Naomi Lawrenson-70th; 9:14

Haleigh Harper-79th; 9:37

Anna Brown-80th; 9:38

Natalia Bravo-82nd; 9:42

Ansley Lorance-83rd; 9:55

Kelsie Cook-86th; 10:10

Chanler Podany-88th; 10:14

Rindee Payne-90th; 10:23

Carly Boucher-101

Middle School Boys: 87 Total Runners

Arya Gautam-23rd; 14:31

Caden Orlando-31st; 15:24

Carter Soltis-36th; 15:55

Tracy Marsh-54th; 17:32

Jose Hernandez-72nd

Alex Langley-74th

High School Girls: 124 Total Runners

Jatelyn Wallace-4th; 13:41 medal

Shantyle Ned-14th; 14:21 medal

Morgan Williamson-27th; 15:16

Brianna Cedillo-37th; 15:48

Deisy Monroy-41st; 16:04

Brittany Ned-51st; 16:24

Brenna Hibbs-80th

Jaden Crites-109th

High School Boys: 116 Total Runners

Alberto Vazquez-1st; 16:52 medal

Jared Woods-10th; 18:39 medal

Freddie Monroy-24th; 20:02

John Woods-28th; 20:18

Peyton Stephens-42nd; 21:00

Kyle Mosley-57th; 22:06

Connor Akin-60th; 22:11

Gavin Gray-68th

Cody Wilson-69th

Raul Trevino-72nd

Jordyn Wilson-75th

Ben Lawrenson-78th

Zach Sweeney-97th

Hilario Sanchez-102nd

Erick Hernandez-104th

Alec Hamil-105th

Nick Ansiel-106th