Southeastern: Name that bison

By Zach Maxwell

September 27, 2013

After a ten-day submission period by Savage Storm fans, four names have been announced as the finalists for the new mascot - Bolt, Lightning, Stormy, and Sulli.

Voting has begun on www.SE.edu/mascot and will run until Homecoming on Oct. 5.

More than 470 students, faculty, staff, and community members submitted nearly 100 unique names for the new Savage Storm mascot. The President’s Task Force Naming Team narrowed that list down to four finalists.

The vote is open to all Southeastern fans who can vote once per day for their favorite name. The mascot will first appear at Homecoming on October 4-5.

The bison concept personifies Southeastern’s Savage Storm nickname with “Pride, Resilience and Strength,” according to campus promoters.

The University has faced the far-reaching mascot and nickname issue for the better part of the past two decades and creating a mascot for the Savage Storm nickname is one the university has been working on for over two years.

Through the entire process, the Mascot Task Force formed by President Minks has tirelessly sought the perspective of as many of Southeastern’s constituents as possible: students from a variety of areas of study, Band, Cheer, Dance, Student-Athletes, tenured faculty, adjunct faculty, Faculty Senate, SE staff and its staff association, coaches, boosters, fans, alumni and members of the community.