Durant Cross Country finishes with high marks

By Randy Bruce

October 3, 2013

The Durant Lions Cross Country teams competed at Waterloo Lake in Denison, TX on Saturday September 28th, in the “Conquer the Beast” Invitational. The treacherous course consists of running up and down the Waterloo Dam, huge hills, around the lake, through the trees, and across a bridge.

The middle school girls claimed the 1st place trophy for the 2 mile race led by 2nd place Cassie Bisson with a personal record time of 15:06. Of the top 15 in each division to medal, the Durant middle school girls were awarded 9 medals, with six top 10 placing’s.

The varsity boys won 2nd place, led by 1st place finisher Alberto Vazquez and Jared Woods, 5th place. Vazquez finished the race 38 seconds ahead of the field. Freshman, Jatelyn Wallace, who improved her time by 13 seconds from last year on this course, placed 4th to lead her team to a third place. The middle school and JV boys teams both placed 5th. The high school will not compete again until Regionals which will be in Norman Saturday, Oct. 26th, while the middle school will compete in OKC at the All-Star Meet Friday, Oct. 18th.

Middle School Girls: 1st place team

Cassie Bisson: 2nd; 15:06 medal

Kacy Devora: 4th; 15:35 medal

Jennifer Monroy: 5th; 15:39 medal

Madelyn Coffey: 6th; 15:41 medal

Regan Ramos: 7th; 15:42 medal

Kylie Reed: 10th; 15:50 medal

Anna Joines: 11th; 16:03 medal

Catie McCraw: 13th; 16:16 medal

Lauren Ruminer: 14th; 16:21 medal

Morgann Usry: 16th; 16:35

Patience Brown: 21st; 17:00

Kaitlyn Gregory: 36th; 17:57

Elizabeth Medina: 41st; 18:09

Anna Brown: 48th; 18:44

Tessa Claborn: 54th; 19:10

Precious Holley: 62nd; 20:09

Chanler Podany: 63rd; 20:14

Shaya Claxton: 66th; 20:52

Rindee Payne: 74th; 21:43

Ansley Lorance: 75th; 21:46

Haleigh Harper: 76th; 22:09

Kelsie Cook: 82nd; 22:37

Middle School Boys: 5th place team

Arya Gautam: 9th; 14:54 medal

Carter Soltis: 22nd; 13:50

Tracy Marsh: 51st; 18:48

Jose Hernandez: 54th; 19:10

Dylan Smith: 58th; 19:30

Alex Langley: 63rd; 21:02

Ashton Gaitlin: 65th; 21:41

JV Girls:

Jenny Terron: 6th; 16:16 medal

Brenna Hibbs: 18th; 18:22

Jaden Crites: 23rd; 19:44

JV Boys: 5th place team

Cody Wilson: 14th; 21:39 medal

Ryan Vanzandt: 15th; 21:40 medal

Gabe Louis: 21st; 22:25

Raul Trevino: 26th; 22:53

Erick Hernandez: 45th; 25:05

Julio Cortes: 49th; 25:54

Dennis Devora: 50th; 26:00

Nick Ansiel: 54th; 26:50

David Scott: 71st; 30:53

Varsity Girls: 3rd place team

Jatelyn Wallace: 4th; 14:18

Lexi Stinnett: 12th; 15:14

Brianna Cedillo: 21st; 15:44

Morgan Williamson: 23rd; 15:52

Deisy Monroy: 31st; 16:36

Varsity Boys: 2nd place team

Alberto Vazquez: 1st; 17:12

Jared Woods: 5th; 18:08

Jose Vazquez: 19th; 19:50

Freddie Monroy: 26th; 20:01

Connor Akin: 29th; 20:14

John Woods: 30th; 20:21

Peyton Stephens: 37th; 20:48