Recruiting Auxiliary Volunteers

October 9, 2013

Jackson County Memorial Hospital is recruiting Auxiliary Volunteers. The requirements are to be courteous, competent and committed, the “three c’s of volunteering.”
Betty Onan is the Director of Auxiliary Volunteers. To learn about becoming a volunteer, contact her at 580-318-1298.
“Volunteers are an essential part of our hospital,” explains Onan. “They perform a variety of services to assist patients and visitors in a number of different areas. There are positions for both men and women. I will match the volunteer to the service area that is right for him or her.”

Service areas include the Information Desk, Gift Shop, Snack Bar, the ICU & Operating Room Waiting area.
According to Onan, the Auxiliary Volunteers contributed 14,028 hours in service to JCMH in 2012. “The dedication the volunteers bring to us is immeasurable. We are very grateful for their service to the hospital and the community. ”
Janet Keenum is the President of the JCMH Auxiliary, Mary Lehrman is the Vice President, and Teddie Brookman is the Secretary/Treasurer. The officers lead the quarterly luncheon meetings. The annual Christmas Banquet is held each December with individual volunteers recognized for their number of hours for the previous year.
“It is important to recognize our volunteers for their dedication of service,” states Onan. “The annual Christmas Banquet is a formal event to celebrate each volunteer.”
Volunteers staff the Gift Shop and the Snack Bar. Both are located in the main lobby of the hospital.
The Gift Shop is open Monday through Thursday 9 am - 4 pm. The Snack Bar is open Monday through Friday 8 am - 8 pm. Saturday 9 am - 5 pm. and Sunday from 1 pm - 5 pm.
Monies generated from the Gift Shop and Snack Bar are used for major equipment purchases and donations to hospital projects.
In 2006, the JCMH Auxiliary donated $500,000 to the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma. Its most recent contribution was the purchase of 53 medical grade recliners for patient rooms totaling over $90,000 and a clinical bariatric patient bed for the JCMH Sleep Lab for $5,000.
Contact Betty Onan to learn about the volunteer opportunities at Jackson County Memorial Hospital. 580-318-1298.