SE students walk for water

By Jessica Breger

October 11, 2013

Students across Southeastern Oklahoma State University gathered to walk for water Thursday. The students became part of a global movement to provide water to areas with little to no fresh water available.

The movement, called Walk 4 Water, provides fresh water wells to areas in need. The project was started by Healing Hands International in 2001.

Nursing Instructor Jessica Hyatt said all proceeds from walks associated with the Walk 4 Water program go toward digging fresh water wells to places where women and children often have to walk several miles to get water that may not even be clean.

“They walk and walk to get this water and have kids still dying because they can’t get the water they need,” said Hyatt.

She revealed that the walk held at SE yesterday was the first Walk 4 Water event to be held in the state of Oklahoma.

Hyatt said she hopes to have more Walk 4 Water events and plans to have one set up at East Central University.

Approximately 100 people participated in the walk. Students participating were members of several different organizations on campus.

Hyatt said there were students from organizations such as the nursing program, Greek organizations and The Church of Christ Student Bible Center. Tennis players, cheer leaders and others joined in on the walk.

According to Hyatt, the walk raised more than $1,800 last night with more donations promised. She said they are hoping to get at least $2,500 from this walk and possibly partner with other colleges to raise more to build a well.

Hyatt said for more information about the walk or to donate to the cause visit the website www.walk4water.org and clicking on the Durant, Ok., walk.