Colbert Historical Society holds meeting

By Randy Bruce

December 4, 2013

The Colbert Historical Society met recently to wrap up details in welcoming the Colbert High School Choir and the East Ward Music Departments downtown on Thursday, Dec. 19 to start at 6 p.m. for a performance at our annual Cocoa & Carols on the sidewalks. The Music Department is under the direction of Ms. Melinda Hodge, who is preparing her students for this special event. We will be serving hot cider to all the students, their parents and the public for this very special time.

This event is an absolute highlight for our Society and the whole town and invites all who can come and gather on the sidewalks to participate in the annual tradition. All the members are excited about this pre-Christmas program.

New business include the group making plans for other projects, which include making brochures to be placed at the new Choctaw Travel Center, inviting travelers down to our historic area and seeing our photo gallery in the building of the Historical Center at 101 N. Burney St. in Colbert. The group has expressed appreciation to officials of the Travel Center for allowing us this project. The Historical Society received special recognition at the Travel Center Grand Opening, due to local member,, James Hannan, providing the necessary first hand information on the “Memory Tree” that bears a plaque in his honor.

Other business approved was sponsoring the January Birthday Party for all the residents at Southern Pointe Living Center on Sherrard Drive in Colbert.

This will give the members a chance to visit & serve the residents there and also provide a special event for the current residents.

Moving on to other events include a special invitation to Mr. Bill Duckworth, a local historian, and proud Chickasaw, to give a program regarding our Chickasaw Nation and Territory. Mr. Duckworth holds many significant honors in the Chickasaw Nation and has been busy presenting programs for preservation of the Chickasaws, and the value of our area being in Chickasaw Territory.

The public is invited to the special presentation. Information will go out when the date, time and place is set in Colbert. Admission will be free to all who attend this presentation.

The events planned are giving us opportunity for celebrations, serving, promoting and learning in our own community. The most recent program was a special program on the “Red River Bridge War” that was a delight to all in attendance.

The Historical Society is a non-profit organization and was chartered in 1979 and has remained active for this number of years. Many special programs, including 26 annual Frontier Day festivals, barbecue dinners, music and dances and giving special honor to all our veterans, honoring many residents for their years of community service and promoting the importance of keeping the

association active, and keeping the community together by participation in its activities.

A special 400 page book “Colbert, 1845-1982” has now sold its more than 1200 copies, except a few that are kept at the building for any visitors to come

by and look through them in search of former relatives and friends.

Much more information is on display in addition to our Photo Gallery, and the group extends an open invitation for all visitors.

Provided the building is not open, please call Wyota Hannan at 580-296-2385.

For more information, please contact one of our officers listed below.

Wyota Hannan, president 580-296-2385

James Hannan, vice president

Marylin Miller, secretary 580-296-4079

Faye Carroll, treasurer 903-821-0079

LaVerne Bledsoe, immediate past president 580-296-2332

Sally Moon & Mary Kathryn Hodge, committee members 580-296-2913