You don’t want to miss Saturday

By HAROLD HARMON Sports Writer

January 23, 2014

This is the last Thursday before Saturday this week and you don’t want to miss Saturday.

That’s finals night of the Bryan County basketball tournament and a great crowd is expected at Southeastern’s Bloomer Sullivan Arena.

It’s also the night to meet the Pioneers of Bryan County Girls Basketball. The 1981-82 Bennington Lady Bears are the representatives this year.

Then it will be time for the four inductees into the Bryan County Athletics Hall of Fame. This year’s honorees are Mike Lawson, Karla Parks, Kelli Parks-Teafatiller and Shelly Percell-Childree.

Bryan County basketball, Pioneers, Hall of Famers – what more can you ask?

THE 2014 SUPER BOWL will be the final opportunity for fans to get a look at Denver quarterback Peyton Manning.

No, I don’t have inside information from a source close to the subject.

This will be Manning’s final time to suit up if he has a lick of sense.

The guy has had a heck of a career. Like him or hate him, he can play a little football at the highest level.

He may be getting better, but he’s also getting older. Every knock on his noggin is dangerous.

The guy has had four neck surgeries. No question he’s tough. The big question: Has he been knocked completely crazy?

He certainly can’t need the money. If he does need the money after all he has earned, he’s too dumb to worry about little stuff like concussions and broken necks.

A quarterback, no matter how agile, can dodge big, angry defenders only so many times. Manning has never been listed in the agile category.

When it comes to dodging intruders, just call him the statue of limitations.

Just call him an endangered species.

Manning should play in the Super Bowl, of course. When the game is finished, he should be finished.

He should go home to his wife and kids, if he has a wife and kids. He’s never on the police blotter, so we know very little about him off the field.

Few pro athletes have the opportunity to walk away at the top of their sports. A Super Bowl victory will mean Manning will never have a better opportunity to call it a day and fade away into the night.

DO YOU ALREADY have your tickets for the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia?

Poor baby.

Put those tickets on e-bay or whatever and sell them for 13 cents. It could be the best investment you will ever make.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has vowed to make these Games the safest ever. Could that be anything like our very own “transparency in government?”

The United States team, along with teams from at least five other countries, received threats of bad things happening to their bodies if they choose to participate.

Hungary was one of the threatened teams.

“I am very pleased to inform everyone that both the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the Sochi organizing committee … declared after the analysis of the letter that this threat is not real,” said Zsigmond Nagy, an official of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

I’m sure Nagy will out in front of his athletes in the opening ceremonies instead of hunkered down in a bomb-proofed bunker.

These threats arrived as Russian security forces were hunting for the “Black Widows,” women suspected of entering the suicide-bomb event at the Olympics.

Russia has reportedly sealed off a 1,500-square-mile area around Sochi. More than 40,000 Russian security officers will be on duty, along with special forces, ultra-sensitive sonar equipment, monitoring drones and patrol boats.

Fear not, president Obama has pledged the full help of the United States in protecting the Games.

For your information, visitors may have a major problem doing number two one at a time. A photo from the Gentlemen’s Loo at the Olympic Biathlon Centre shows two toilet seats separated by a small trash can. No partition.

Peace, brothers and sisters. Ain’t it wonderful?