Bryan Hotel to be renovated

March 16, 2014

The Bryan Hotel will begin a major renovation construction project that will last for over the next year. Historical renovation of the ground floor plus remodeling of the apartments will provide one of the highlights to downtown Durant.

More than $4.5 million dollars will be spent on the remodeling project, much of it from outside investor tax credit money. Big Five Community Services Inc., the Oklahoma Housing Finance Administration (OHFA), Jim Petty of Strategic Realty, and investment coordinators, such as Midwest Housing Equity Group, have planned for years all the complex financial, architectural, historical, and logistical details.

The first week of May, actual construction will begin, with a completion date set for this coming December for the upper stories, followed by completion afterwards of the ground floor level.

Possibilities for the ground floor level include retail shops, coffee shops, or cafes.

Kent Watson, Executive Director of Big Five Community Services Inc. said, “We are honored to be the catalyst for another piece of the amazing turnaround of downtown Durant.”

An open house is also planned for the community before the actual construction begins in May, according to Watson.

“We would like everyone to see the building before remodeling begins and then invite everyone back to see the completed building for the grand opening, when we can show this magnificent piece of history restored to the citizens of Durant,” Watson said.