Firefighters snuff out kitchen and grass fires

March 18, 2014

Durant firefighters put out a grease fire at an apartment early Sunday morning.

Firefighters were dispatched at 1:19 to an apartment in The Village Apartments, 2200 Four Seasons Drive, and when they arrived three minutes later, Donna Cummings, the occupant, was standing outside. She told firefighters there was a grease fire on her stove, and firefighters then put it out with a dry chemical.

According to a department report, the fire was contained to the stove and the cabinets above. The apartment had minimal smoke damage and no water damage. Cummings said she had cooked something to eat and forgot to turn off the burner which overheated and caught a pan of grease on fire. She said she tried to smother the fire by placing a skillet over it and that the spread of the fire was contained.

In other fire calls, Durant firefighters were dispatched to a grass fire at 7:52 p.m. Friday to Highway 78 one mile west of Cobb. Firefighters put out the fire which may have been caused by power lines.