DHS powerlifter Ruminer wins state

By Randy Bruce

March 27, 2014

The Durant Lions powerlifting team recently sent Conner Ruminer and Jacob Bradford to compete in the state meet.

After all the weight had been lifted and barbells came to a rest on the mats, Conner powered his way to the top in his 181-pound weight class and became state champion.

Conner didn’t just beat out his competitors, he destroyed them. No one came close as he out-lifted other participants by more than 100 pounds. He also swept the four meets he attended this year by winning the gold medal in each one.

Last year, he placed fifth at the state meet.

“It’s a testament to his hard work,” said head coach Byron Cordell. “He set a new personal best at all the meets. He wasn’t going to settle for anything less.”

Conner’s strong frame helped him climb the mountain of powerlifting in the categories of squat, bench and deadlift. His totals were off the charts. He squatted 455 pounds, benched 315 pounds and deadlifted 560 pounds for a grand total of 1,330 pounds.

Teammate Bradford also had an impressive outing at the state level. He finished at regionals in fifth place and entered the state meet ranked 23 out of 25. With a good performance, the junior finished in 14th place.

“Bradford is a hard worker,” Cordell said. “He’s a junior this year and he finished in 14th place, so it looks like more good things will come from him.”

Bradford had a squat of 385 pounds, bench of 250 pounds and a deadlift of 435 pounds for a total of 1,070 pounds.

“I’m proud of them and the whole team. Powerlifiting is a reward in the (football) offseason to help these young people get stronger. The powerlifiting program is open to boys and girls. We had our first girl powerlifter this year,” said Cordell.