Local man teaches through story

By Jessica Breger jbreger@civitasmedia.com

June 8, 2014

One Bryan County man is making an effort to educate people on healthy ways of ranching through a novel.

Walt Davis has been in the ranching business his whole life and has found success through a more natural form of ranching not taught today.

His challenge was to relay this information to people who wouldn’t normally pick up a book on ranching. Co-author Tony Winslett suggested a novel and the two wrote “The Green Revolution Delusion.”

“It’s basically a critique of the industrialization of agriculture,” said Davis. He said he did not always ranch naturally, he too gave in to the industrialization at one time.

“I was in the classic mode of managing against what I didn’t want, instead of managing to promote what I do want,” said Davis.

Davis added that we have turned agriculture into a business of death. He said for the first 20 years as a rancher he was killing something every day.

He found through this alternative way without pesticides and with proper grazing management he sees the natural order taking care of the insects he does not want and promoting what he does want.

Writing has always been a favored hobby for Davis who had already gotten one novel and one instructional book published. So he set to work.

“It’s written as a novel. We have mystery. We have murder,” said Davis. The hero and heroine in the novel buy a plot of land and must find a way to rehabilitate it.

Through a series of events and learning learn the dangers of modern ranching and their land prospers through the ways Davis wants to show the world.

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