Woman charged with child abuse after infant has left, then right arm broken on seperate occasions

By Democrat Staff

June 21, 2014

Prosecutors have charged a Sedalia woman with child abuse after an x-ray on May 17 showed a fracture to her child’s left arm and an x-ray during a follow-up visit on June 17 showed a fracture to the child’s right arm, bruising on his face and a skull fracture.

Kristen Purser, 21, is awaiting trial in the Pettis County Jail on a single count of abuse of a child with serious physical injury, a class B felony, and a single count of second-degree domestic assault, a class C felony. Her bond is $160,000.

According to court documents, Purser took her then 12-day-old child to Bothwell Hospital on May 17 because she thought his arm was broken. An examination revealed a left arm fracture and doctors referred the mother and child to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Purser said the child broke his arm after she tripped on a curtain and fell with the infant in her arms, according to court documents.

During a follow-up exam June 17, doctors performed a full-body scan that revealed a fracture to the child’s right arm, bruising to the face and a skull fracture. Doctors double checked the first scan and confirmed the additional injuries were not present on the May 17 x-ray image.

At that time, Purser allegedly said she did not know how the child was injured.

When Sedalia Police Department detectives interviewed Purser on Wednesday, she admitted feeling “overwhelmed” and “frustrated” at times and told them the fracture on May 17 occurred after the child pulled her hair and she jerked him away, according to court documents.

Purser allegedly told detectives that during the weekend of May 24-26, one week after the first fracture, he would not stop crying and she put him down on the floor, “really hard.” She also told detectives on June 15 she put the child in a bouncy seat and the child struck his head on the metal bar.