Fortnightly Club holds meeting


Another interesting and informative meeting of the Durant Fortnightly Club was held on Thursday, March 23, in the home of Mrs. Charles Villlines. The lovely home is one of the oldest in Durant, built in 1910. Mrs. Villines was an excellent hostess as she showed guests the beautiful updates to her kitchen and other areas of her home. While members toured the home, Mrs. Bennie Horn, co-hostess served them tea plates of egg and spinach mini quiches, shrimp dip on crackers, mini fresh fruit cups and delicious lemon pound cake.

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Mrs. James Riley, vice president, followed by the Club Collect led by Mrs. Michael Ridgway. Mrs. Tommy Hitchcock shared thoughts on prayer for the devotional. Since the program was to be the history of the board game Monopoly, Mrs. Hitchcock reminded the club that none of us have a monopoly on prayer. There may often be untold numbers of people praying for us unknown to us. She told of a chaplain at Emory Hospital whose daily prayer was that the hands of all those who worked there be blessed as they served patients and family.

Mrs. James Riley, presented Mrs. Patrick Latona. She reminded the ladies that Mrs. Latona was a “tried and true” Durant girl whose parents and grandparents were Durant and Bryan County residents. Mrs. Latona is an educator with the Durant Schools system. The members were treated to an interesting look into the history of the bestselling board game of all time as she reviewed the book The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game by Mary Pilon. Mrs. Latona shared that the first Monopoly was titled The Landlord’s Game and was created by Elizabeth Magie to teach morals for a capitalistic society. The first game was developed 115 years ago and intended to be played in 1 ½ hours. With a history of intrigue and sometimes underhanded dealings, the game was reworked by Charles Darrow and sold to Parker Brothers in l935 and called Monopoly. Darrow received enough money from Parker Brothers to live well for the rest of his life. While Ms. Magie felt the credit for and intent of her game had been taken from her and she received only $500.00 compensation from Parker Brothers for the famous game. Mrs. Latona recommended the book. As an additional tidbit of information about the game, she told Fortnightly group the tokens used in the game had been changed through the years and three were set to be retired soon.

A business meeting followed this most interesting review.

Submitted by the Fortnightly Club.


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