Fortnightly Club holds luncheon


The Fortnightly President’s Luncheon, Thursday, May 4, was a great ending to the 2016-2017 Fortnightly Club year. Hosted by The Fortnightly Club president, Mrs. Joe Clay, members and their guests enjoyed a luncheon prepared by the staff of the Roadhouse. Guests enjoyed baked chicken with mushroom sauce or pineapple salsa, a choice of strawberry spinach salad or green salad, baked cheese potatoes and squash medley. Peach or apple cobbler a la mode was the meal’s perfect finish.

Following the meal, 1st Vice President, Mrs. Greg Phillips, led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Invocation given by Mrs. Randy Sullivan. The 2016-17 club officers were presented and given a thank you gift by Mrs. Clay. Fortnightly officers usually serve two year terms and the officers for 2017-18 remained with the exception of Press Reporter. The 2017-18 officers are: President Mrs. Joe Clay, 1st Vice President Mrs. Greg Phillips, 2nd Vice President Mrs. James Riley, Recording Secretary Mrs. Gary Kreger, Treasurer Mrs. Patrick Latona, Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Tom Young, Press Reporter Mrs. Mark Campbell, Historian Mrs. Pamela Fahrendorf, and Parliamentarian Mrs. Samuel Sanchez.

After members and guests were introduced, several members were recognized for their years of service with The Fortnightly Club and other clubs affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Ladies given pins for ten years were Mrs. Jerry Currence, Mrs. Greg Phillips, Mrs. Samuel Sanchez, and Mrs. Sharon Morrison. Fifteen year pins were awarded Mrs Joe Clay, Mrs. John Frank, Mrs. Charles Nicholson, Dr. Barbara Rackley and Mrs. Ken Rainbolt. Mrs. Shannon McCraw, Mrs. Billy Mickle, Mrs. Don Parham and Mrs. Mike Ridgway received pins for twenty years of membership. Recognized for twenty-five years of GFWC membership were: Mrs. Pamela Fahrendorf, Dr. Lucretia Scoufos, Mrs. Randy Sullivan and Mrs. Donna Tyler. Mrs. Herb Clark and Mrs. Jack Robinson received thirty-year pins and Mrs. Donnis Potter and Mrs. Charles Villines were recognized with forty-year pins. The ladies recognized Mrs. Gordon Wright as having received earlier her fifty-year pin.

Mrs. Sharon Morrison had the pleasure of introducing the program speakers to the ladies: Mrs. Joy Culbreath and Mrs. Kathy Carpenter. Both ladies are affiliated with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Mrs. Culbreath retired from Southeastern University and began work in 1993 as the only employee of the Choctaw Adult Education Program. Before her retirement last year she oversaw sixteen programs serving infants through adults. She began the Choctaw Language Program now recognized as a language studied just as Spanish or French. Since retirement she has worked to continue to promote the importance of education for Native Americans.

Mrs. Kathy Carpenter retired from public education after thirty years. She joined the Choctaw Nation Education Department in 2005. Her mission is to find and produce books of historic and cultural importance to the Choctaw Nation and its members. It was because of the emphasis on preserving Choctaw culture and early education that the ladies collaborated to publish a book first written by Dr. James D. Morrison in 1975: Schools for the Choctaws. Mrs. Carpenter stressed the importance of Dr. Morrison’s research before computer and internet and that the manuscript was typed entirely on a manual typewriter. It was a treat to hear from both ladies and learn about the importance placed on education by the Choctaw Nation. Dr. Morrison’s book was on each luncheon table and their sale was to go to the reading program at the Donald W. Reynolds Library.

After closing remarks by Mrs. Joe Clay, the luncheon ended with the reciting of the Club Collect lead by Mrs. Jack Robinson.

Submitted by Fortnightly Club.


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