Inlaws and outlaws of Caddo

By Mary E. Maurer - Special to the Democrat

This photo, identified for years as a young Lottie Deno, has since been disputed, as have most early photos of her. The only authentic photos are those taken after her move to Deming. (You can see those, and more photos of Frank, in Pistols, Petticoats, & Poker, by Jan Devereaux.)

This photo is commonly accepted as Frank Thurmond.

This lovely woman is Julia Thurmond Sims Grayson.

Photo courtesy of the Indian Territory Museum in Caddo.

During the years following the Civil War a number of infamous gamblers, outlaws, and killers roamed the “wild west” seeking their fortunes, often by stealing it from others. An area known as “The Flat,” located west of Fort Worth, Texas, soon earned a reputation as one of the most lawless places in the state. In
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