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David Bullard spoke on God in government and school during the Patriots Conference Friday evening.
David Bullard spoke on God in government and school during the Patriots Conference Friday evening.
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Political and religious leaders gathered at the Patriots Conference held at the Bloomer Sullivan Arena this past weekend to discuss with the public the importance of God in the government and in schools.

“The very form of government we have came from the Bible,” said Friday night’s main speaker David Barton.

Speakers during both the Friday and Saturday session quoted founding fathers and early political leaders referencing the bible in politics and in law.

Barton said even the least religious of the founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, insisted on prayer when conflict arose at the Constitutional Convention.

Barton gave examples of the Bible in the law as well.

“The constitution is filled with bible verses,” said Barton, who went on to say if anyone said the constitution is a Godless document, that person is biblically illiterate.

He also demonstrated how the Bible makes connections to current political issues in the news such as the fiscal cliff, tax issues and military issues.

Edmond Fairview Baptist Church Pastor Paul Blair said that in the early days of the colonies and the United States, “pastors were considered experts on politics.”

It was also pointed out that at the time, the British called the rebellion the “Black Robed Rebellion,” referring to the robes of pastors.

The many roles pastors played in politics and war were discussed, including the minute men who were led by pastors to fight for freedom from England.

Blair said the Bible is where the ideas of fair trial, personal ownership laws, and equality for all men came from.

Blair also commented on the power of the states versus the power of the federal government, saying that the power is meant to be in the hands of the people, not the government.

“The federal government did not create the states. The states created the federal government,” said Blair.

He said the created should bow to its creator and it is up to the states to step up and control the federal government if we are to avoid a tyranny.

He said if there is a dispute on a law, it should not go to the Supreme Court because the Supreme Court is a branch of the federal government and this would give all power to the federal government.

He said this is not a matter of Republican versus Democrat because both are the problem. It is an issue of liberty versus tyranny, and he said we are headed toward tyranny.

Blair said all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

“Oklahoma has churches full of good men … doing nothing,” said Blair.

He said it is time for the sleepy churches and cowardly pastors to step up against the federal government no matter what it may cost them.

Speaker Mark Krenslins also spoke about the tyranny of the federal government saying, “the tyrant and tyranny is coming from Washington D.C.”

Each speaker at the event vocalized a belief that church and government should not be separate. State Senator Josh Brecheen quoted the Bible, saying, “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Brecheen also said that the country has become complacent and strayed from God. He says this is why the country is in the “mess” it is currently in.

“We’re a nation without vision,” said Brecheen. He added that Oklahoma has been faring better than most states during the recession due to its strong faith in God.

The conference also addressed the need for God in schools. It was discussed that Benjamin Rush was called the “Father of Public Education under the Constitution.”

It was said that Rush had given a dozen reasons why the Bible could never be taken out of public schools.

Fisher Ames, the author of the first amendment, had said that he didn’t want school to have too many different text books because the Bible might drift to the back.

The sanctity of marriage and abortion issues were also discussed.

Krenslins said when the federal judge overruled the vote to make same-sex marriage illegal, he violated the constitution and overstepped the bounds of federal government, comparing the issue to the Roe vs. Wade ruling.

“God wants us to stop this evil,” said Krenslins, asking if those in attendance would be willing to stand against a federal judge that came into our state and violated our constitution.

Kenslins also said they are looking for 1,000 pastors to stand with Oklahoma legislators when they go to the capital to oppose abortion.

He said it is time to stop worrying about other states and worry about Oklahoma. He said we must stand our ground on such issues when the state and federal government do not agree.

“We’re gonna tell Washington D.C. we don’t consent. We will not obey,” said Krenslins. He said the federal government will fight back and this stand will not be easy. Those willing to stand must be willing to lose everything.

During the closing prayer, forgiveness was asked of God for being silent in the matters discussed.

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