Roberts named to House Expenditure Oversight Committee

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Dustin Roberts

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Dustin Roberts was appointed this week to serve on the Expenditure Oversight Committee for the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Speaker Charles McCall created the bipartisan ad hoc committee to review and approve certain House expenditures that exceed $15,000.

“I am thankful for the trust the speaker has given me by appointing me to this committee to serve the House of Representatives and to serve the Oklahoma taxpayers,” said Roberts, R-Durant.

The House Expenditure Oversight Committee was formed based on a preliminary recommendation from the House Special Investigation Committee – that conducted the investigation of the circumstances that led to a wrongful termination settlement with a former House employee – that an oversight committee be formed to review and authorize any future legal settlements. In addition, the House passed a rule earlier this session that requires all future legal settlements that exceed $15,000 to be approved by a committee.

The committee will not only review and authorize all future legal settlements, but will also have the authority to review and authorize all large capital and/or extraordinary expenditures that exceed $15,000. The committee will meet on an as needed basis.

Roberts also serves the House as an assistant whip and is chair of the Appropriations & Budget Transportation Subcommittee. He also serves on the Appropriations & Budget, Common Education, County & Municipal Government committees as well as on the Joint Committee on Appropriations & Budget.

Roberts represents Oklahoma House District 21, covering part of Bryan County. He was first elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2011.

From The Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Dustin Roberts Roberts

Press release

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