Firefighters respond to lightning strike

By Matt Swearengin -

A home was struck by lightning during a massive thunderstorm that hit the area, according to the Durant Fire Department.

Firefighters were dispatched Monday to 3853 Bryan Rd. after receiving a call about a house that had been struck by lightning. Upon arrival, the home was filled with smoke and the fire had been put out by the homeowner, according to a DFD report.

Most of the smoke was contained to the attic area and there was a small hole on the roof that was caused by the lightning strike, the report stated. Firefighters used a pressure fan to remove the smoke. Also Monday, firefighters were dispatched to Highway 69/75 in Durant where a vehicle had been driven into a ditch that was flooded. Firefighters removed the driver, who was not injured, from the vehicle.

In other fire department reports, firefighters responded Sunday to a stove fire at 1114 Springfield Court. According to the report, the fire had been put out by the occupants when firefighters arrived. A pressure fan was used to remove the smoke and firefighters turned off the breaker to the stove and microwave oven. The microwave oven was damaged from the heat and there was also burn damage to cabinet doors. The ceiling above the stove had smoke damage and firefighters told the occupants they would need to replace the stove and microwave before turning the breaker back on.

Firefighters responded Thursday to a gas leak at 2121 W. Main St. According to the report, a gas line had been hit by a tractor near a meter at a hotel. Oklahoma Natural Gas was notified and a plumber was contacted to fix the break.

Also Thursday, firefighters were dispatched to a stove fire at 5620 Sawmill Rd. The fire was out when firefighters arrived and they set up a pressure fan to remove the smoke. The occupants told firefighters that the grease became “too hot.”

In other fires last week, firefighters were dispatched to Eagle Suspension, 1811 W. Arkansas St., where there was a ventilation pipe on fire. They put out the fire and contained it to the inside of the pipe.

Firefighters also responded to a fire at ICON Construction, 2917 Big Lots Parkway. The water-flow alarm had activated and when firefighters entered, they found that there had been a small fire in a paint room that the sprinkler extinguished. According to the report, employees had been staining wooden doors earlier in the day and the rags that were used were put in a cardboard box. The rags later caught fire. Damage from the fire was minimal, however water from the sprinkler system entered several other rooms.

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By Matt Swearengin

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