Lucky Stop robbed Sunday

Durant Police quick response credited with suspect’s capture at casino

By Dan Pennington -

A Sunday afternoon robbery at a local convenience store shook up the clerk, but no one was hurt.

The robber didn’t show a weapon, but did make a theft that will probably prosecuted as a robbery, authorities said.

The suspect, who was later caught by police, walked in to Lucky Stop at 106 S.E. 3rd Ave. in Durant and waited to commit the crime.

The female clerk was working her other job Monday, but the clerk who’s shift followed her’s Sunday relayed the story firsthand.

That clerk, Jordan McDaniel said, “She told me the male robber lingered near the front, and waited for the other clerk who was working, to go to the back. Nishoba Williams was the male clerk. Anna Martinez was the clerk. From what she said, he didn’t act suspicious at all. He said, ‘can you get me a pack of Marlboro please?’ By the time she turned around, it took her a second to grab it, all she said she heard was, ‘whap.’ He had grabbed the entire register, ripped it out, pulled the cord loose. He wasn’t armed, she said he looked like a normal guy.”

A swift response by Durant Police, had them in pursuit and they got their suspect.

According to the clerk, he was apprehended at Choctaw Casino.

The store is located on Highway 78 going toward Achille.

McDaniel said, “It only took like a minute for Durant Police to arrive and they went to the bypass where someone had followed the robber. But, they lost him there but wound up catching him at the casino. They were quick and we really appreciated that.”

The owner, Sal Alam said, “That’s our first robbery in my 15 years owning this store. The register was locked, the robber couldn’t open it. It’s probably destroyed so we don’t expect to get it back. We appreciate Durant Police and their fine work catching our robber.”

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Durant Police quick response credited with suspect’s capture at casino

By Dan Pennington

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