Council censures Grube

Grube addressed council in response

By Dan Pennington -

Council member Oden Grube addressed the Durant City Council and spectators Tuesday evening in a special session called by Durant Mayor Jerry Tomlinson. The council approved a proclamation censuring Grube for actions they outlined in that proclamation.

Dan Pennington | Durant Democrat

The standing-room only crowd at the Durant City Council chambers Tuesday evening recited the patriotic Pledge of Allegiance. The City Council met in special session to vote on a censure proclamation for the actions of council member Oden Grube. That proclamation was approved.

Dan Pennington | Durant Democrat

The Durant City Council voted to approve the resolution censuring Council member Oden Grube. The procedure is a way for the governing body to disapprove or not endorse the behavior of a member. This removes liability from the City Council for the actions of Grube. Also the censuring procedure means she may not be able
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