Book signing to be held Sunday at museum

Friends of Kenneth (Ken) Ruhl are invited to attend the special signing of his new book, “AKA, Fred” at the Three Valley Museum from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday.

Ruhl, is a former member of the military, but folks in Southern Oklahoma will best remember him as a sales consultant, and division supervisor with Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company.

Ruhl grew up during the years of the Great Depression. His highly original story covers his childhood, and the effects that World War II had on his family and friends.

Author Ruhl narrates some of the facts in the timeline of his life: “Now, it’s 1942 and the war news was not good. It seemed as if all the older guys we knew were joining the Army or the Navy, or the Marines. Lots of people were going to work in bomber plants, shipyards, and any defense related industry. At home, we helped with paper drives. The older teenagers worked on scrap-iron drives. People were encouraged to buy defense bonds to help finance the war effort.”

Published by Page Publishing, New York, Ruhl’s book will surely resonate to those generations belonging to the 1930s and 1940s. This is a personal account of that era, chocked full of details that will surely allow every reader to empathize with Oklahoman’s plight during these trying times.

Ken, his wife Mary, and children live in Durant.

First Presbyterian Church of Durant will co- host the event.

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