Trump has contempt for the media


I want to state my concern over Trump’s disparaging remarks and outright contempt for the media. He has been selective about which media coverage he will allow in press conferences and which media are allowed to ask questions. In our Constitution, the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of the press. A free press is necessary to inform the public and to keep our leadership from becoming dictatorial.

The USSR, and now Russia, restricted the press, only permitting the approved state propaganda to be disseminated. Nazi Germany did the same thing. Historically, this is a method dictators have used to control the populace.

A free press investigates and ferrets out the facts. Then, it reports its findings. That is the news. That news keeps our government in check. We must insist on freedom of the press and hold our leaders accountable to support an unencumbered, investigative press corps, so that we can be an informed citizenry.

Marilyn Alexander

Treasurer, Bryan County Federation of Democratic Women

Vice-chair, Bryan County Democratic Party

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