Democrats concerned about new administration


We are local Democrats who are very concerned about many of the policies of the new administration in Washington D.C.

For instance, a second “Muslim ban” order has been signed by President Trump restricting immigration from six countries in the Middle East. Court orders are still in place declaring the previous such order discriminatory and probably unconstitutional, and this new one makes few real changes. The excuse for the ban is “to prevent terrorists from entering this country,” but no one from any country mentioned in the order has ever committed a terrorist act here. Not once.

Terrorism experts say that such a ban actually makes U.S. citizens less safe, not more. We have military personnel stationed in countries around the world, and their safety and effectiveness depend on working with locals who speak the language and understand conditions on the ground. If we ban individuals from entering our country based on nothing more than their place of origin, should we be surprised that people in their home countries refuse to trust and work with our personnel abroad?

Too, Mr. Trump has endorsed the foolish Republican bill to greatly change—and not for the better—the health-care situation in this country. Experts who have analyzed the Republican plan point out that the rich, young, and healthy would do very well under it. The poor, old, and sick would be punished, getting less care and paying more for it. This is not the right approach! The Affordable Care Act can be improved upon in some ways, but what House Speaker Paul Ryan has proposed doesn’t fix anything. The very fact that Ryan announced his bill without first getting an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office of what the plan would cost—which is the usual practice with such legislation—tells us that he doesn’t believe in his own plan.

These are only two examples out of many we could cite, showing that this administration is acting in ways that oppose the Democratic values of looking out for one another and helping each person get a fair chance in life.

While Democrats have often worked with Republicans to pass legislation that moved this country forward, and will do so in the future when we can with a good conscience, we strongly oppose this new administration’s unwise and unfair policies.

Ronda DeCaire

Leslie Parker

Phyllis Rustin

Paul Cartledge

Glynda Herndon

Marilyn Alexander

Elbert Hill

Marion Hill

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