Democrats do not support Trump


I find the article by Wyota Hannan in the March 9th Durant Daily Democrat entitled “Democratic women on the move” to be a serious misrepresentation of the position of the Democratic National Committee and of the many Bryan County Democrats I know.

Ms. Hannan writes the following about about “Democratic women”: “When all was said and done, the group felt they could support the efforts of Donald Trump and move onto do the things necessary to keep our country peaceful.”

I have no qualms about the “doing things” part. It is the “support Donald Trump” part that is so wrong. Democrats in huge numbers do not support Donald Trump. And they do not for one simple reason: He is dismantling America! He is making a shambles of our values of welcoming immigrants and taking care of all our citizens’ needs for health care, food, and housing, for asking the rich to carry their fair share in taxes.

Democrats do not support Donald Trump. And this is no time to be nice and sweet about it—We will fight him when it is necessary.

Joe Littlejohn


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