April showers bring May flowers

By Tiffany Wingfield - Guest columnist

There has always been the old saying “April Showers bring May flowers.” When this statement is being said, it seems to bring a smile to people’s faces. This statement has been used for many years and has been used by our elders for so long that most of them live by it. Our elders have experienced many different statements throughout their lives and live by them. When talking to our elders about things and statements that were made while they were growing up, it makes them smile inside and out.

Since we are coming to the end of April and starting a new month, let’s end April showers and bring May flowers to our elders by spending a couple of hours with them. By spending time with our elders that are in the nursing home you can brighten their lives and yours too. Those that are in the nursing home would always love to have company from people out in the community. Seeing a warm, loving and caring face from someone can always bring a smile to a person’s face.

To learn more about how to bring a smile to our elders that are in the nursing home by reminiscing old statements like “April showers bring May flowers” or to just visit with them for a couple of hours by becoming an Ombudsman Volunteer, contact the Ombudsman Supervisors, Tiffany Wingfield or Rebekah Williams at SODA Area Agency on Aging at 580-920-1388 or Senior Info Line 1-800-211-2116 or write to them at P. O. Box 709 Durant, OK. 74702. There will be training on May 11-12, 2017 from 10am to 4pm at Kiamichi Technology Centers, STA room 102, 810 Waldron Rd., Durant, OK. 74701. Flexible training schedules are available to become an Ombudsman Volunteer and no obligations are required to be a volunteer after the training. Please call to register for upcoming training. The Ombudsman Supervisors are available to speak to your group or organization upon request.

Tiffany Wingfield is a SODA Ombudsman Supervisor.

By Tiffany Wingfield

Guest columnist

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