Working to Preserve Services for District 19

By Rep. Justin Humphrey - Guest columnist

I have spoken to people at the Department of Human Services, and they indicate they have no plans to close the Antler’s office. They said these kinds of decisions could not be made until they receive information on the budget. I also advised that our district is the poorest area in the state and has a very high elderly population. I asked them to advise Sen. Silk and myself if they discuss closing offices in District 19 or cutting elderly services.

We have been working on the budget and have some very hard decisions to make. Our government has made extreme cuts to state agencies and to county government. These cuts have resulted in a reduction to our core services and have not been very successful in addressing waste in our state agencies. I have been surprised about things that I thought would be big budget items but are not. I am working on getting real facts on oil and gas and other big items that will return state revenue.

I support stopping the giveaway programs like giving incentive money to sports teams. I do not support taxes that would target one group such as the working class. I will instead work on large ticket items that will in my estimation truly restore the state budget, like gross production tax. I want you to understand that I asked for your vote and I knew the budget situations in the past.

I was not an elected legislator when decisions were made on the budget in the past, and I will not place blame. Instead I will do my best to correct the problems and be responsive to District 19 concerns. I believe we can always improve policy, and I will continue to push for funding that restores revenue and improves the life of everyone is District 19.

I would like to ask each person in District 19 to educate themselves on our water issues. I am afraid that many outside interests continue to plan on taking water from our rivers, streams, and tributaries. This would result in a devastating impact to our tourism, economics and our environment. I ask you to join me in protecting our precious resources and way of life.

May God bless you, your family and our district with health, prosperity and unity. “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (Psalms 133.1) NIV

Justin Humphrey represents Oklahoma House District 19. He can be reached at (405) 557-7382 or

By Rep. Justin Humphrey

Guest columnist

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