Resident says city makes ‘bad deals’


Why does the City of Durant make bad deals?

In 2006, the city of Durant entered into a contract with North Star Development to extend Larkspur Lane to and across Chuckwa Creek and then further north. This was sold as a land swap deal. The developer deeded approximately 10 acres of flood plain land south of Chuckwa Creek for a city park. The city park has not been built and there are no plans to build one. The developer also donated the right of way for the road bed. It was then, and is today, normal practice for a developer to request zoning, submit a plan for his development, obtain planning and approval, build the road and then either maintain it or give it to the city to maintain. This deal was to be done in two phases. We are just now getting to Phase 2.

Let’s look at the deal in total.

Cost to the developer, 10 acres of flood plain land of very little value.

Cost to the city, when everything is done, is over $1,200,000 dollars. ($120,000 per acre of land received).

Does this make sense to you? Would you vote for it?

Main street is a mess and our roads are falling apart. I’m told we can’t afford to seal cracks in the road. If we don’t make better more intelligent deals, the city infrastructure will continue to deteriorate. It is just one deal. I wonder how many other questionable deals have been done.

I have asked Mayor Tomlinson (2006 and now) to correct me if I am wrong and explain how this is a good deal. I have yet to receive a response. Council members in 2006 were J.Tomlinson, R. Cross, L. Sherrer, B. Story, D. Burrage. This was not passed in July, August, or September 2006. Not sure when it was passed. Contract was dated September 21.2006.

Charles Bachmann


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