Readers say Trump is betraying people who elected him


It’s sad to see the way President Trump is betraying the very people who put him into office. Many of them believed, according to interviews with Trump supporters done by multiple TV reporters, that “He’s for me—he’ll stand up for the little guy.”

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is, and has always been, for one person only: Donald Trump.

Look at the current tax-bill debate. Either the bill just passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, or the one being considered by the Republican-dominated U.S. Senate, will enrich Donald Trump, his heirs, and his billionaire buddies. And in order to pay for the economic favors granted to them, money will be taken from Medicaid, Medicare, and tax exemptions depended on by the middle class.

A headline in the 11-19-17 Dallas Morning News says it all: “Rich get richer under both GOP overhaul plans.”

As one small example of the tax-exemptions losses that are proposed, look what would happen to public-school teachers. Because some public-school students cannot afford to buy school supplies, their teachers often buy these from their own pockets. Presently, teachers can deduct up to $250 a year for school supplies they purchase for their students. That deduction would be totally eliminated under the Senate plan.

Do we really believe public-school teachers have too much money, so we have to take that deduction away from them in order to let billionaires like Trump keep more of their money?

Fair is fair, but fairness is no part of the Republicans’ tax “reform” plans. Instead, we see the same old “trickle down” approach: giving tax breaks to the wealthy and promising that that money will somehow trickle down to the non-wealthy who really need tax breaks.

“Trickle down” has never worked, and never will. We tried it in the 1980’s, and the deficit exploded. The same thing will happen if this Republican-backed tax “reform” plan passes.

Tax breaks should go to the middle class and lower-income taxpayers, because these folks will spend the money and thus help the economy. Rich folks will sock it away in offshore accounts.

Let’s all contact our legislators and tell them to pass real tax reform, with tax breaks going to those who need them and will spend the money they save in taxes to help our economy. No more tax breaks for Donald Trump and his rich buddies.

Elbert and Marion Hill


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