Leaving home to find something better


By Harold Harmon

The Durant Democrat recently ran a front-page article with the headline ‘The best country in the world.’

If you don’t have a copy of the paper from December 19, 2017, try to get one.

This should be on the must-read list for everybody.

It’s one thing to read something like this in a far-away paper. It’s another thing to read something like this from someone here at home.

Before you decide to move to another country where you will have more freedom, visit Roma Italian Restaurant for something other than the food.

Try to find some time to speak with owner Gzim Krasniqi, who made his way here from his home country of Kosovo.

He left Kosovo for a number of reasons, none of which hold any meaning for most of us. Suffice it to say he wanted something better.

Most of us simply can’t relate and it’s not because we are unsympathetic or cold-hearted. We’ve just never faced anything like others trying to force us to substantially change our way of life.

Krasniqi spent some time in Dallas where he met and married Cindy. Kosovo is still home to most of his family.

We’re fortunate to have Krasniqi and his family in Durant. They will probably tell you they are fortunate to be here.

He hears other Americans grumble about what’s happening in the country. His quote in the Democrat article: “Say whatever you will, it’s the best country in the world.”

Krasniqi learned English on his own after arriving in our country. That’s a foreign concept for those coming here who expect us to hand everything to them on a silver platter. And, by the way, give it to them free of charge.

THERE’S NOT MUCH question our country has been headed in the wrong direction over the last three administrations.

We’ve sacrificed a tremendous amount on the altar of political correctness. Political correctness is simply another way of saying abject stupidity.

You may have noticed we’re paying a terrible price for our leadership role in the PC world. We have an overload of people here who seek not to join, but to overthrow.

And we have welcomed them. More of the PC BS we’ve had stuffed down our throats.

Read a paper or turn on the TV for news of the latest bombing or shooting or stabbing or vehicular attack on Americans.

It that’s not a wakeup call, folks, there’s a pretty good chance you’re just going to stay asleep.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Harold Harmon is a former sports editor for the Democrat who frequently writes a column for the sports page.


By Harold Harmon

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