Letter to the Editor

I ran across a letter I had written to the editor on 4-9-93 where I compared the old days when nearly all families were made up of father, mother and children (sometimes 10 or even more). Seldom was a baby killed (before or after birth) because they weren’t wanted.

Verses of scripture were often used in school for penmanship and guidance. Stories like David killing the giant Goliath were reading assignments.

Values were taught and discussed at home and at school. Our laws are based on God’s word. We declare ourselves, “One nation under God,”yet today our nation ignores His warnings. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire from God because of their homosexuality.

Now they declare themselves a minority because of their sexual “orientation” and accuse their country of discrimination. They want to teach our children about their lifestyle in school and churches, and they want to adopt children (1993). Our President, Bill Clinton, allowed them in the armed forces under “don’t ask-don’t tell.” Remember that? Pandora’s box was truly opened! So look at our country today (22 years later). Five Supreme Court justices thought they had power to change God’s definition of marriage: One man + one woman.

And our President had the gall to celebrate their decision by flashing a rainbow of colors which they’ve adopted as “their” symbol over our White House. Seems they don’t know the rainbow was God’s promise to Noah and his family. He would never again destroy the world by flood.

Next time God will destroy their wickedness by fire! 11 Peter 3:6-10. Today we are seeing military Chaplains demoted or dismissed by superiors in rank by homosexuals for not agreeing with their homosexuality, and or for praying with injured or suicidal military, using God’s word and praying in Jesus’s name. A city/county clerk was jailed for not going against her Christian convictions and signing a marriage license for two men or two women.

Private owned bakery and photographers sued for choosing not to make a wedding cake or wedding photos for same sex couples even losing their business with enormous debt – just for exercising their religious right. Cadets in service were told to take down scripture cards on their private bulletin boards and lockers. Others had to remove their Bible from their desk. Obama promised to “change” our nation. He did keep his word on that! Now he has signed a treaty with Iran, who has made it clear their aim is to destroy our greatest ally, Israel. Can someone please tell me why is it in all reports I have seen Christians (those who have accepted Christ) far outnumber the homosexuals, atheists, Muslims and God haters, yet who seems to be winning the battle?

Who’s being heard and accompli9shing their goals? The Ten Commandments monument was removed (at night) from our state Capitol grounds; our wounded veterans are neglected by the administration that is paid to care for them; servicemen and police officers are being prosecuted for doing their job. U.S. Solicitor, Gen. Donald Verrilli has stated that tax exemptions for religious schools that dissent from court-created same sex marriage are going to be “an issue.” Churches will be next (my opinion).

We are seeing the old adage fulfilled “He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” God gives us the tools to make a stand in Ephesians 6:13 “Take unto you the whole armour of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” Read vs. 11-12. Tell us who the enemy is and if you’ve forgotten what God’s armour is, read vs. 14-18. As we take a stand, be vocal and active.

Marylu Tignor-Jaggers

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