Land Commission secrecy and the Pointe Vista ‘Settlement’


By Stephen Willis - Guest columnist

It’s been four months since the CLO v Pointe Vista Development “Settlement Agreement” announced by Governor Mary Fallin. The Oklahoma County District Court confirmed yesterday (1/14/16) that the state lands commission has yet to submit any settlement agreement for court approval.

It’s time for Governor Fallin and the land commissioners to answer a few questions. This is the Oklahoma Open Records request submitted last week. The purpose of the act is to provide transparency in government. Governor Fallin and her state attorney are well known for their resistance to Open Government. Let’s see how long it takes them to respond.

Under the Oklahoma Open Records Act, Title 51, Sections 24A.1-24A.22, I am requesting any and all records regarding the following:

1) All of your communication about “CLO v Pointe Vista Development” are held in secret, behind closed doors in Executive Session. You claim exemption from the state Open Meetings Act because public disclosure will “seriously harm” your ability to work in “the Public Interest.”

Your secret legal discussions led to an agreement to release Pointe Vista from their development contract, while allowing them to keep over 700 federally-protected acres of Lake Texoma State Park.

What part of your proposed “Pointe Vista Settlement Agreement” (9/16/2015) did you determine serves the Public Interest?”

2) Please produce records showing the taxpayer’s total investment in “CLO v Pointe Vista” which you declined to prosecute after almost twenty months of delays in the case. [CJ-2014-152]

3) Provide any documentation, including communications with CLO general counsel, regarding Pointe Vista’s mortgage loans on former state park land subject to your litigation.

4) Provide any documentation regarding Pointe Vista’s “self-dealing” land sales to their own corporate officers in August, 2014.

5) Provide any documentation you have regarding a possible bankruptcy filing by Pointe Vista Development.

6) When do CLO officials plan to submit the proposed Pointe Vista Settlement Agreement for approval by the Oklahoma County District Court?

7) Provide all documents regarding the official mediators in the “CLO v Pointe Vista?” Settlement Agreement. When were they approved by the Oklahoma County District Court to pursue mediation?

8) Provide any documents and communications with other state and federal agencies regarding federal laws, (ie. the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Act and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), applicable to the protection of Lake Texoma State Park.

Thank you in advance for your timely response.

Stephen Willis is founder of Save Lake Texoma / Restore The Park.


By Stephen Willis

Guest columnist

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