Trash is a problem in the city


As a Durant resident, I have been picking up a variety of waste materials and dumped debris on my neighborhood street and property for years. It is hard to see how people abuse our community by not putting their litter in a proper receptacle or take advantage of their assigned hauling days.

Driving through town I see overflowing polycarts with lids open and trash all around for days at a time, plus debris on the curb. There are policies in place by our Solid Waste Department to help our city manage its waste, but these often are not being followed.

I do not expect everyone to share my values concerning the maintenance of our city’s beauty, but I ask you to reconsider your actions if you are guilty of littering. If you need assistance with waste disposal please contact the Solid Waste Department at 924-2707. They have polycarts and information regarding extra hauling. The Solid Waste Department is here to help the citizens of Durant dispose of their waste and maintain the city’s beauty.

Georgia Ann Gibson


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