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Shown are Mustang Jaden Schafer and Bulldog Clayton Francis.

Shown are Calera Bulldog Clayton Francis and Rock Creek Mustang Lex Jestis.

Rock Creek Mustangs go up against Calera Bulldog Clayton Francis.

Rock Creek Mustangs Alex Dooney and Hunter Hamill face Calera Bulldog Colt Weaver.

Rock Creek Mustang Zach Holden goes up for a basket.

Calera and Rock Creek players wrestle over a ball.

Calera and Rock Creek players are shown in last week’s game.

Rock Creek and Calera played last week at Rock Creek.

Lady Mustangs Brooke Crenshaw and Megan Arnold are shown in last week’s game with Calera.

A Rock Creek Lady Mustang Bailey Williams shoots a basket.

Calera Lady Bulldogs head coach Vernon Johnson talks to his team during a timeout in last week’s game at Rock Creek.

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